Our Mission

While Hoot was originally founded to allow loved ones to easily contribute to children's 529 plans, we're also aware that student debt and the cost of education at large is a growing problem, especially in the US.  At Hoot, our goal is to provide a community-based platform to ease the cost of traditional education as well enable a child to take part in experiences and online classes that would otherwise be costly or unavailable. Enter: Hoot Cares, a program that allows benefactors to be matched with children in need to ease the burden of educational expenses.

About Hoot

Hoot is an educational gifting platform that makes it easy for friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers to give to a child's educational upbringing.  

Benefactors can contribute funds to a child's 529 plan which can then be used for trade school, university, moocs and more or they can choose to contribute funds to other educational activities and expenses, like extracurricular activities or school supplies.

About 529 Plans

Read more about 529 plans here: 


Managing and Using Hoot Funds

Once funds are in a child's account, it's easy for parents to manage funds (with help from a certified financial advisor, if desired) and use them to pay for educational activities. Read more about how parents can manage and use funds in their child's Hoot account here:


The story behind Hoot

Hoot was founded by Neil Rasmus, a New York-based entrepreneur and father. In the fall of 2020, Neil's sister Kiri asked how she should send funds that she owed him. Neil thought that it would be great if Kiri could send funds directly to his son Jack's 529 educational fund, or that of his unborn son, due in December of 2020. From this interaction, Neil realized that there should be an easy way to contribute to children's educational upbringings—and the concept for Hoot was born.

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